“We are observing life rather than being told of it, and it’s a haunting piece of filmmaking.” – Sonic Cinema

“Technically speaking, the film is magnificently made, with excellent cinematography, shot selection, and sound design.” – The Daily Rotation

“Nice metaphor.  The bags of plastic have their own charms, but they also reveal the leftovers of a wasteful society.” – PTSnob

“The short film approaches, in a different and personal way, characters that are so far away from us with humanity and depth.” – Madrid Film Festival PNR,  Best National Short Film Award.  

“A parallelism successfully built between the marginal characters and the recyclable waste. An eloquent metaphor of social exclusion. “-  Best International Documentary Award at Fesancor Film Festival,

“An accurate portrait of a multicultural dystopia that shows the paradox of an inferno that through irony and imagination also becomes a possible salvation.” – DocumentaMadrid, Special Mention for Best Short Film.